A secure cloud hosted records management microservice.


Real time archiving

Plug in your business systems and automate your records management. Whether writing documents, or using your corporate systems, your users can just do their job. High quality complete, accurate, indexed, discoverable records just happen.

Information Management

  • Search across multiple structured and unstructured data sources
  • Maintain full version history and meet record keeping regulatory requirements
  • Selectively share data within and across organisational units

System Decommissioning

  • Migrate data from legacy business systems to facilitate system decommissioning.
  • Integrate new systems from the start so you can search across new and legacy holdings
  • Replace monoliths with microservices but still see a complete view of your data.

records.digital has been tested with petabytes of data, billions of records, and still delivers sub-second search results.

The digital records micro-service API is fundamental to our integration strategy and decommissioning plan

Lindsay Smith, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Department of Home Affairs.

Secure and Compliant

The digital records platform is built to comply with government information security standards and records management requirements. When deployed to a secure cloud network the system can be certified to PROTECTED level.

System changes are managed with a highly automated and ANAO audited dev-sec-ops pipeline.

Open system in an open market

records.digital is an open source platform that you can host yourself or use our shared or enterprise cloud platform. Our open API means that you can easily build your own integrations or select from a marketplace of integration plug-ins for common systems

The Records Microservices

Lifecycle API

  • Create new records, each with any number of associated files.
  • Update any record or file with full version history maintained.
  • Automated metadata and keyword extraction for rich indexing.
  • Any file types of any size with automatic deduplication.
  • Optional public blockchain anchored notarisation service.

Discovery API

  • Faceted search over entire holdings with flexible filter conditions.
  • Request write access or share records with other users or groups.
  • Subscribe (W3C websub style) to any records to get notified of changes.
  • Apply advanced machine learning to discover relationships between records.

Administration API

  • Manage groups and permissions.
  • Automated classification and sentencing.
  • Disposal in accordance with sentencing rules.
  • Metrics for metering, performance, and business analytics.
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    Highly scalable cloud native architecture
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    All records encrypted in storage
  • |
    Role based access integrated with your corporate directory
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    Integrate your COTS systems using a COTS plugin from our marketplace
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    Integrate your custom systems using your own staff or with our support
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    Your users just do their job and records are managed automatically